The company starts its management in 1963, developing the production of torsion bars to the vehicle suspension system, domestic and imported.

In 1972, expands the range of products with the production of stabilizer bars.

In 1978 and at the request of the Argentine Army expands manufacturing plant BATOR SRL and develops the Torque Rod for medium battle tank of thirty tons.

In 1982 BATOR S.r.l. dedicates his expertise to the bars & Special Competition for domestic and imported vehicles, all models.



Our goal is to manufacture products that give positive responses to their needs, using high technology and components fully NATIONAL.

The prestige gained calls for a permanent job in the area of ??quality and delivery. Torsion bars and stabilizer BATOR are manufactured with raw materials of first quality and latest technology, making it increasingly reliable and safe products.

We have over forty years in business serving customers who recognize our quality and costs. Our bars are guaranteed through strict quality control.

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